Distinctive footwear defines who you are. Shoes are the perfect fashion accessory for that little black dress or casual jeans. VIA VAI shoes are for goal-getters with their own style. Pursue your ambitions and go the extra mile to achieve them, every day. You know exactly where you want to go. Our shoes make sure you get there.

We have been bringing Italian design to your shoes closet for over 25 years. Varying from stylish VIA VAI sneakers and ankle boots to tough biker boots and cowboy boots. Add a touch of temperament to your outfit with unique items. With shoes that feel as comfortable as slippers, it hardly makes any difference whether you go for high heels or sneakers. You’ll be just as enthusiastic about going an important meeting as an Instagrammable café.


From Amsterdam to Oslo; you’ll find our shops everywhere. Or shop online. The shop that offers a wide range to choose from, from boots to espadrilles, and you will rock your new items the very next day. Feel free to WhatsApp us for personal advice when you’re out shopping. No problem.


Inspired by worldwide trends and influences, our collection still begins at the drawing table in Waalwijk. Our luxurious materials are chosen with care and every piece of fabric or leather is treated like gold dust. And while the seasons roll from sun to snow, you’ll be wearing on-trend shoes that remain the eyecatchers of your wardrobe year after year.


VIA VAI is also available at approximately 500 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Norway and Denmark. 


“VIA VAI is Italian for ‘go your own way’.
So go! Go follow your dreams, and show the world who you are on the way.”


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