Corporate Social Responsibility


VIA VAI is at the very heart of society and, as a company and as members of staff, we feel a responsibility to make a positive contribution towards it. We want our shoes to make you feel just as great as the way they are manufactured. We strive to conduct our business in a way that meets the interests of society. Experience has shown that we still have a long way to go, but that we are ambitious in attaining a more sustainable future. We are not only looking at our own practices, but also at those of our manufacturers, in order to set the whole chain in motion.

People, Planet and Profit are the 3 Ps that serve as a basis for corporate social responsibility (CSR). VIA VAI strives to achieve the best possible balance between these three.




We try to take a critical look at the conditions under which our shoes are produced. Taking into consideration animal welfare and the materials used, but also the way we package goods, and the premises from which we operate. Our main question always remains: can we do better? Then we’ll do everything in our power to do so.

  • We work exclusively with certified European manufacturers and tanneries. Our manufacturers have signed a code of conduct in which they confirm that they work in accordance with these requirements, which take into consideration the various aspects of the chain. Furthermore, we work with our manufacturers to improve the sustainability of all processes where this is possible; they adhere to the same values as those of VIA VAI.
  • Waste not, want not. That is why our production process is based on efficiency.
  • Our partners use both chrome-tanned leather and vegetable-tanned leather in their manufacturing. With regard to manufacturing processes, we try to avoid chrome, but a small amount may still be present. However, this is measured thoroughly, and laboratory sample analyses are conducted. The origin of the leather is not always traceable, but mostly exclusively European. We constantly take on the challenge with our partners in order to meet a 100% score.
  • We work closely with a local shoemaker in order to extend the shoe’s lifespan by a number of years. The shoemaker determines whether repairs can be made, extending the shoe’s lifespan by a number of years. If this is not possible, our shoes are then donated to a good cause.
  • All our packaging is made from of FSC Certified Paper. This paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests. The FSC system is based on the preservation of nature in the future, and ensuring that local populations, companies and consumers are able to benefit from what the forest has to offer.
  • Our consumer cargo boxes are made from 100% recycled paper. We also have various packaging formats for our webshop in order to limit the use of cardboard. Moreover, the use of suitably sized boxes makes transportation of goods more efficient and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Our regular transportation partners pursue an active CSR policy.
  • Our premises have full LED lighting and a plan has been drawn up for solar panels to be installed so that we can become energy neutral.
  • Our company pursues an active energy policy, through the responsible use of water and lighting, but also heating.
  • We do our best to invest in paper-free offices. We send, communicate and sign almost exclusively in digital format.


Our people make the difference. We strive to make employability sustainable by offering our employees an inspiring and pleasant working environment at all times.

  • We offer all our employees the opportunity to follow training and education programmes in order to facilitate continuous personal development.
  • We have installed healthy workstations with adjustable office chairs, sit-stand desks and desk bikes. We also provide workers with fresh fruit at their desks every day.
  • A good work/life balance is essential. We offer the opportunity of working from home, and flexible hours where possible.
  • In addition to a good salary, pension and disability schemes, we also share the success of our brand with employees.


At VIA VAI, we look beyond our business. We support various social causes, not only financially, but also in employment.

  • We have a permanent partnership with Villa Pardoes and Nova Zembla.
    • Nova Zembla is a foundation whose mission is to support disadvantaged people in Bulgaria with clothing and footwear. This is because a significant percentage of the Bulgarian population is living below the poverty line. We donate certain items of residual stock and rejected yet adequate products to this foundation.
    • Villa Pardoes provides totally unforgettable, free holidays for families with a child between the ages of 4 and 12 who has a serious, potentially life-threatening disease, and who would love to spend some carefree time. But also, for brothers, sisters, parents, grandfathers and grandmothers that dream of a carefree week together. A chance to just forget everything.
  • As well as a financial contribution, all our staff take part in voluntary activities with Villa Pardoes.

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