There they are at last: your new babies! And we're talking about shoes, of course. Obviously, you want to take good care of them so you can enjoy them as long as possible.

But how should you take care of them? How do you keep them looking like new? Proper maintenance is the key word. By treating your shoes with the right products, you will come a long way. Wondering how best to maintain your sneakers, ankle boots, cowboy boots or espadrilles? VIA VAI gives you useful tips & tricks!

At VIA VAI, we have many different shoes made of suede. To keep this luxurious and soft material beautiful, we have a special shoe spray: the Carbon Pro Spray. This spray creates an invisible layer on your shoes to protect them from moisture and dirt. Want to give your suede shoes a touch-up or remove light stains? Use the Suede Brush to roughen up the suede or nubuck.

Oops! Did you forget to spray your shoes before you went out and got dirt on them? First, let the stain dry, otherwise you might make it worse, and we want to avoid that. Grab your suede brush and gently brush in the same direction over the stain until it is gone. Do your suede sneakers have a white platform sole? Then you'll find that you'll want to clean these regularly as well. For this, we use the Carbon Midsole Cleaner which gets you ready to go within a minute, it works that fast!

Smooth leather shoes also need proper care. For this we have care products such as the Carbon Wax Spray. The Carbon Wax Spray was created especially for smooth and matte leathers. This innovative spray also provides a protective layer. In addition, the spray contains a nourishing wax that keeps the leather smooth, supple and shiny.

The Carbon Lab Leather Care is a spray that keeps both rough and smooth leather beautiful and supple, and can also be used on combinations of mesh and leather. Ideal for sneakers composed of different materials.

Going into winter with your favorite boots? The Lack Mousse preserves the elasticity and shine of your beautiful patent boots! The addition of elasticity reduces the risk of cracks in the lacquer. Moreover, the mousse has an anti-static effect so that the lacquer attracts less dirt. The mousse is easy to apply to the shoes and only needs to be rubbed in.

We love Metallic! And we love to keep our Metallic shoes beautiful too! The Metallic spray was specially developed for metallic materials and is therefore 100% safe to use on these materials. This spray preserves the metallic and protects against moisture and dirt. Indispensable!

''You know exactly where you want to go. Our shoes make sure you get there.''

Sometimes, the weather lets us down and the forecast is rainy. A treatment with a waterproof spray is therefore a real must. For example, choose the Carbon Pro spray. This spray forms an invisible layer that repels moisture and dirt. Water drops slide off the shoe like pearls. With this high-performance spray you can treat all materials: from suede and patent leather to metallic and nylon.

Did damp stains get on your shoes from the rain? Don't panic, make sure to immediately wet a suede brush and moisten the stain with room temperature water. Gently brush up the fibers in one direction. This will loosen the dirt. Afterward, you can let your shoes air dry on room temperature. When the damp stain is removed, protect your shoes again with a protecting spray.

No damp stain, just dirt? Then use the Suede Brush to brush off the dirt. Do this gently and be sure to brush in the direction of the shoe fibers. When a mud stain shows up on your suede shoes, let them dry first to avoid worse! Once dry, brush off the dirt with your suede brush.


After a good maintenance treatment, you are all good to go! High time to shine with your new sneakers, ankle boots or sandals. Don't forget to re-spray them every now and then and remove any dirt in between. This will keep your shoes looking like new!


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