We work exclusively with European (Portugal | Spain), certified manufacturers and tanneries. Our manufacturers have signed a code of conduct, confirming that they work according to agreed terms and conditions. The code of conduct ensures that our supplies adhere to standards in terms of working conditions, environment, laws and regulations as well as a safe and responsible working environment.

VIA VAI does not use furs and skins from exotic animals or endangered species to produce its products. The leather used by our tanneries comes from animals raised for the food industry. This leather is considered a 'waste product'. In addition, we consider animal welfare important and only purchase our materials from the most esteemed suppliers who offer the best possible traceability. The leather we use is tanned exclusively in Europe, 95% of which is in Italy.

More than 97% of the tanneries we work with are affiliated and audited by the Leather Working Group (LWG), a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental certification in the leather industry worldwide. Our goal in the future is to work only with suppliers who are part of LWG. 

''All great things start small. That's what we're going for.''

All our packaging is made from FSC certified paper. This paper comes from sustainably managed forests. The FSC system aims to ensure that nature is preserved for the future and that people, businesses and consumers can benefit from what the forest has to offer them.

Our consumer shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled paper. In addition, we have different packaging formats for our web shop to reduce the use of cardboard. Customized boxes are also more efficient to transport, reducing our carbon emissions from transportation.

We think it is important to take good care of our shoes. That is why we offer care advice and maintenance products. After all, proper treatment extends the life of our shoes. This way, we make sure your fashion favorites last longer!

Every effort is made to monitor quality during the production process of our shoes. Should something not be quite right, we will see if a repair by a local shoemaker is possible. This way, the shoe can last for years again. Should this unfortunately not be possible, we will donate the shoes to charity.

When sending packages, transportation comes into play. Our transport partners pursue an active carbon emission policy. Additionally, we are constantly looking for greener alternatives. For example, we encourage consumers to use a pickup point, we work as paperless as possible, and we try to limit returns as much as possible.

Your VIA VAI order is sent climate-neutral by DHL. DHL emits as little CO₂ as possible by using electric delivery trucks. In addition, the CO₂ that is emitted is compensated by investing in nature restoration. From 2023, all packages to consumers will be sent not only climate-neutral, but also fossil-free.

  • Our vehicles run entirely electric.
  • Our building is equipped with 142 solar panels that make us completely self-sufficient. We also use LED lighting and have electric charging stations available.
  • We have an active energy policy within our company, by consciously handling water, lighting and heating.

  • We are trying to invest in a paperless office. We ship, communicate and sign almost exclusively digitally.

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