We stand for quality and for sustainability. One of VIA VAI's goals is to make a positive contribution to climate protection. Doing business with an eye for society. We do this by taking a critical look at our processes and making improvements where possible.

We know from experience that we still have important steps to take to achieve this. Nevertheless, we are ambitious to bring a more sustainable future closer. In doing so, we look not only to ourselves but also to our partners, so that the entire chain is set in motion.

People, Planet and Profit together form the 3 P's that are the basis of corporate social responsibility. VIA VAI strives to balance these three as much as possible. In this publication, you can read more about our vision and how we try to achieve our goals.

Our people make the difference. We strive to sustainable employability by offering our people an inspiring and pleasant working environment every day.


"All great things start small. That's what we're going for."

In our processes, we look critically at the conditions under which our products are produced, the materials used, the amount of waste and the accommodation of our premises. By being transparent, we do not want to make things better or different than they are. In everything, our starting point is: can we do better? Then we will try. Are there affordable and responsible alternatives? Then that is what we will do.


At VIA VAI, we look beyond our business. For example, we support various social causes. Not only financially, but also in labor. We have established permanent partnerships with Villa Pardoes and Nova Zembla for example.


"Sustainable entrepreneurship is a journey that never ends. We have made steps, but realize there are still more steps to be made."

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