A hand-drawn sketch is the starting point of a technical, digital drawing. The basis of our shoes is still made in Italy. Our Italian modeler determines the technical dimensions of the shoe with an optimal fitting as a starting point. Here we design the shoe mold, also called the 'last' in technical terms. The last forms the basis for the fit of every shoe.

Did you know: that the production of your new VIA VAI's takes place exclusively in Southern Europe?

Materials are crucial to the quality and longevity of your new shoes. For our collections, we select only the highest quality and most durable leathers from Italy. In doing so, we continue to honor our Italian roots. At an international leather fair in Milan, we make a critical selection and let our senses do the work: look, smell, feel. We take various color samples with us and let ourselves be guided by the trends we want to translate, but above all: the sustainability aspect. More than 97% of our regular suppliers are affiliated with the Leather Working Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental certification in the leather industry worldwide.

The sole: the ultimate basis and "foundation" of the shoe, extremely decisive for comfort and design. The vast majority of our collection consists of soles that we have designed and developed ourselves. That way, you can be sure that you are walking on a unique piece. From extremely lightweight EVA soles to rubber soles with dynamic studs: ultimate comfort and optimal cushioning are guaranteed. Sole production takes place exclusively in Portugal, and wherever possible we choose sustainable, recycled materials.

Lasts and soles designed, materials selected and colors chosen? Check! This is the moment the first prototypes arrive in Waalwijk. The very first version of a new shoe, which is fine-tuned until it is absolutely perfect, both in terms of fit and design. Based on many samples, we make a selection of approximately 40 new models and 150 unique shoes per season. From this point on, the suppliers get the go-ahead. From the soles to the leather and from zippers to lace eyelets: from Italy it goes directly to Portugal and Spain to turn all the individual parts into a beautiful final product.

Did you know: one VIA VAI sneaker can consist of as many as twenty different parts?

Love, care and attention. These are the main ingredients for the production of your new VIA VAIs. From the western stitching on cowboy boots to the laces in your sneakers, everything is carefully and precisely done by hand to ensure the best finish. Every pair is unique. After strict quality control, your new fashion favorites are neatly packed and prepared for the journey to the Netherlands.

In our processes, we look critically at the conditions under which our products are produced, materials used, as well as the packaging materials we use and the accommodation of our premises. By being transparent, we do not want to make things better or different than they are. Our starting point in everything is: can we do better? Then we will try. Are there affordable and responsible alternatives? Then we will do that. It is a continuous process in which we challenge ourselves to do the maximum in terms of sustainability. Want to know more? Read more here.

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